Validation board 3.0

As we were able to test all our hypotheses through surveys, interviews and existing studies, we came up with a new and final validation board. Click here to see it.

Our final hypotheses & validation

After several weeks spent on validating hypotheses, we are now able to present you the final results of this process. In order to test our hypotheses, we used four different ways: we organized 15 face-to-face interviews with companies; we gave a survey to 23 companies; we interviewed influencers; we collected datas from existing studies. Thanks…

Validation board 2.0

As we were able to complete more interviews and to have more participants to our surveys, we have decided to delete the hypothesis about marketing agencies. Indeed, whereas we thought that they could be a useful partner, we came up with the conclusion that small and medium companies are not used to work with them…

Validation board 1.0

Here is our updated validation board regarding the hypothesis we were able to validate or not thanks to the results of the first surveys we gave to companies and to the answers of both companies and influencers during the interviews. Click here

Hypothesis validation through survey’s results

Thanks to the first results of the survey we gave to companies, we were able to validate some hypothesis. Here is a numbered presentation of our results. Click here to open the presentation We will update these results as we get more answers.

Our hypothesis

Here is a summary of our different hypothesis and the criteria we will observe to check their validity. Click here

Presentation of Hypothesis

Here is the presentation we are going to show on Monday, 22nd of February, concerning the environment around our project and the process of validation of hypothesis. Click here to see the presentation