Lessons Learned #10

In the last week of class we were taught how to pitch our entire work to investors in an appealing and effective way. Consequently, our group thought it would make sense to actually summarize how a pitch is done, including the line of thought we should follow, and the key aspects we cannot forget while pitching…

Zeo to One – Part 2

This week, we focused on the next three chapters of the book “Zero to One”. Here we summarize the key aspects and insights talked in this chapters. Chapter 4 – The Ideology Of Competition Competition can make people follow opportunities where none exist (Pets.com, PetsStore.com, Petopia.com…). Winning is better than losing, but everybody loses when…

46 Pricing Strategies You Should Know

Today we’ve been present in a class where the speaker told some impressive hacks to price your own business. Some of them are really important are really important to implement in our business. This tactic can be used by us on the long run since social proof is something that make people take decisions upon buying…

Zero to One

This week we started to read the book “Zero to one” and summarized the first 3 chapters. Hope you enjoy reading this and we advise you to read the entire book! Chapter 1 – The Challenge Of The Future Progress can take two forms, horizontal and extensive. Horizontal: Expanding what already exists. (Making 100 typewriters)….

Articles #8

This week we decided to comment the article “More money, more problems: the down side of a mega valuation” because it’s important for us to understand the investors side when investing in a company. Here is the link for the article summarized:  Article

Lessons Learned #9

This week, we have decided to focus our lessons learned post on the funding process. Indeed, we are going to pitch soon our project in front of investors, thus, we found it relevant to summarize this point. Click here In addition about this topic, we would like to share this infographics – by Anna Vital…

Lessons Learned #8

This week, we have worked on our value chain. Thus, we found it relevant to create a clear and mere summary of what the Porter’s Value Chain is and how to use it. Here it is! Click here

Articles #7

In this week “to do’s” we have to decide on our pricing strategy so, in that line of thought, we went and study the 10 different pricing strategies for entrepreneurs. This way, we not only were able to learn a bit more about price but also know which type of approach should we choose for…

Lessons Learned #7

This week we’ve learned the importance of the minimum valuable product and what type of questions should we test and answer with this first prototype we make. Click Here

Articles #6

This week we’ve learned how to work with AdWords and what are the main topics we want to check when measuring success. Click Here

Lessons Learned #6

This week, we have decided to focus our post about Lessons learned on the ways to go viral. Indeed, we are particularly interested in this topic as it is at the core of our project: companies want to work with influencers as they allow them to cultivate infection. Click here

Influencer Marketing Statistics

Influencer Marketing has become one of the most valuable and effective ways for brands and brand marketers to engage audiences that spend hours each day on social media platforms and expand brand awareness by leveraging the relationship between Youtubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, Viners, bloggers, and their fans. The following influencer marketing statistics illustrate the growth of…