Lessons Learned #10

In the last week of class we were taught how to pitch our entire work to investors in an appealing and effective way. Consequently, our group thought it would make sense to actually summarize how a pitch is done, including the line of thought we should follow, and the key aspects we cannot forget while pitching…

Lessons Learned #9

This week, we have decided to focus our lessons learned post on the funding process. Indeed, we are going to pitch soon our project in front of investors, thus, we found it relevant to summarize this point. Click here In addition about this topic, we would like to share this infographics – by Anna Vital…

Lessons Learned #8

This week, we have worked on our value chain. Thus, we found it relevant to create a clear and mere summary of what the Porter’s Value Chain is and how to use it. Here it is! Click here

Lessons Learned #7

This week we’ve learned the importance of the minimum valuable product and what type of questions should we test and answer with this first prototype we make. Click Here

Lessons Learned #6

This week, we have decided to focus our post about Lessons learned on the ways to go viral. Indeed, we are particularly interested in this topic as it is at the core of our project: companies want to work with influencers as they allow them to cultivate infection. Click here

Lessons Learned #5

Regarding the lessons learned this week, we decided to focus on a TED video of Bill Gross about the key factors which lead startups to success. Click here

Lessons Learned #4

This week in class we learned a little about the Maslow’s Pyramid and thought it would be interesting to see where Brandsta is located in the hierarchy of needs!

Lessons learned #3

This week we have moved forward to a new step in our project: segmenting & sizing the market. Here is a review of the key tools we should keep in mind to that purpose. This document is based on our last lesson and the video “Total Available Market – How to build a startup“. Click here

Lessons Learned #2

This week we had to work with the entire environment around our project’s market. We believe the main lesson of the week we took from our lecture, that was really useful to adapt to our project, comes from the video “Navigating your environment”, posted by the professor. Click here

Lessons Learned #1

Every week we have interesting new lessons that we can take from our Monday morning lecture. Sometimes is just a video that spoke to us, other is just an interesting insight that we can apply to our project. This second week of lecture we decided to comment on the videos posted by the professor. FIRST…