Business model canvas 3.0

As we were able to validate almost all our hypotheses, we did not pivot dramatically our business model canvas. However, we met last week the founder of a Portuguese digital marketing agency who told us that he would be very interested in being able to access our platform. As a matter of fact, we believe that…

Business model canvas 2.0

Thanks to the results provided by our interviews and survey, we were able to understand better our market and to pivot our original  business model canvas. Here, you will find out that we have decided not to consider marketing agencies as a key partner anymore. Indeed, small and medium companies appear not to usually work…

Business Model Canvas 1.1

After our first presentation of the business model, some adjustments were made after the comments provided by the professors in class. Here is our 1.1 version of the business model. Click here to see the updated version

Business Model Canvas 1.0

As a first step to create the business we’ve came up with a Business Model Canvas 1.0. Here it is, and feel free to give us feedback regarding it! (Click here)