Articles #8

This week we decided to comment the article “More money, more problems: the down side of a mega valuation” because it’s important for us to understand the investors side when investing in a company. Here is the link for the article summarized:  Article Advertisements

Articles #7

In this week “to do’s” we have to decide on our pricing strategy so, in that line of thought, we went and study the 10 different pricing strategies for entrepreneurs. This way, we not only were able to learn a bit more about price but also know which type of approach should we choose for…

Articles #6

This week we’ve learned how to work with AdWords and what are the main topics we want to check when measuring success. Click Here

Articles #5

This week, as a mandatory reading, we had a wonderful article about the things one should take care of when launching a new service. We felt very concerned about this article by Frances X. Frei as we are ourselves working on a service oriented business. Thus, we will now be twice more watchful toward our…

Articles #4

This week, as a mandatory reading, we had an article from the Harvard Business Review about the idea of value innovation (Value innovation: The strategic logic of high growth). This concept has been highlighted by W. Chan Kim and R. Mauborgne. One member of our team, Laura, has been particularly interested in this article as it…

Articles #3

This week we had no mandatory article to take some main ideas from so, we decided to show you the Empathy Map, a subject mentioned in the book Business Model Generation.

Articles #2

This week we’ve decided to comment on the article “Why the lean start-up changes everything” by Steve Blank. Click here  

Articles #1

Here is a little comment about companies that called our attention while reading the article “Disrupters bring destruction and opportunity”. Appear Here and Netflix were the ones we, as a group, chose to talk about. APPEAR HERE: (Click here) NETFLIX: (Click here)