Influencer Marketing Statistics

Influencer Marketing has become one of the most valuable and effective ways for brands and brand marketers to engage audiences that spend hours each day on social media platforms and expand brand awareness by leveraging the relationship between Youtubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, Viners, bloggers, and their fans. The following influencer marketing statistics illustrate the growth of this relatively new marketing strategy and the reasons why many brands are partnering with social media stars to develop targeted influencer marketing campaigns.

  1. 59% Of Brands Will Increase Influencer Marketing Budgets In The Next Year
  2. 84% Of Marketers Will Employ An Influencer Marketing Campaign In The Coming Year
  3. 60% Of Fashion Brands Already Employ An Influencer Marketing Strategy
  4. Brands Saw An Average ROI of $6.85 For Every $1 Invested In Influencer Marketing
  5. 22% Of Customers Are Acquired Through Influencer Marketing
  6. 92% Of People Say They Trust Word-Of-Mouth Recommendations Over Ads
  7. Teens More Likely To Trust YouTubers Than Celebrities
  8. 65% Of Americans Use At Least 1 Social Media Platform
  9. 2.3 Billion People Use Social Media Worldwide
  10. Social Media Channels By The Numbers

Despite our focus being on Instagram influencers we are thrilled with this statistics for 2016. To see more detailed information on each one of the statistics follow this link:



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