Lessons Learned #8

This week, we have worked on our value chain. Thus, we found it relevant to create a clear and mere summary of what the Porter’s Value Chain is and how to use it. Here it is! Click here

Communication channels & Revenue streams

This week, we will present the communication channels and revenue streams we plan to implement. Our hypothesis about these revenue streams have already been validated through the surveys and interviews we gave to companies previously. Thus, we believe that both subscription and pay-per-use systems are relevant regarding our business. Click here to open the presentation

Articles #7

In this week “to do’s” we have to decide on our pricing strategy so, in that line of thought, we went and study the 10 different pricing strategies for entrepreneurs. This way, we not only were able to learn a bit more about price but also know which type of approach should we choose for…

Lessons Learned #7

This week we’ve learned the importance of the minimum valuable product and what type of questions should we test and answer with this first prototype we make. Click Here

Midterm presentation

Here is our midterm presentation slideshow which we presented today to the class. In this document, you will find a summary of the main facts we came up with during the past weeks. Click here to see the presentation

Business model canvas 2.0

Thanks to the results provided by our interviews and survey, we were able to understand better our market and to pivot our original  business model canvas. Here, you will find out that we have decided not to consider marketing agencies as a key partner anymore. Indeed, small and medium companies appear not to usually work…

Validation board 2.0

As we were able to complete more interviews and to have more participants to our surveys, we have decided to delete the hypothesis about marketing agencies. Indeed, whereas we thought that they could be a useful partner, we came up with the conclusion that small and medium companies are not used to work with them…

Validation board 1.0

Here is our updated validation board regarding the hypothesis we were able to validate or not thanks to the results of the first surveys we gave to companies and to the answers of both companies and influencers during the interviews. Click here

Articles #6

This week we’ve learned how to work with AdWords and what are the main topics we want to check when measuring success. Click Here

Lessons Learned #6

This week, we have decided to focus our post about Lessons learned on the ways to go viral. Indeed, we are particularly interested in this topic as it is at the core of our project: companies want to work with influencers as they allow them to cultivate infection. Click here

Influencer Marketing Statistics

Influencer Marketing has become one of the most valuable and effective ways for brands and brand marketers to engage audiences that spend hours each day on social media platforms and expand brand awareness by leveraging the relationship between Youtubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, Viners, bloggers, and their fans. The following influencer marketing statistics illustrate the growth of…