How to start a Startup – Lecture 3

This week we kept exploring the YC lectures about starting a Startup. In this third session Paul Graham gave some counterintuitive advices he would give himself to his kids about Startups. How to start a Startup – Before the Startup The first one was to pick people to work with the way you would pick…

Empathy map

Here is the link to the presentation we will do on Monday, 7th of March. The main content of this slideshow is about our targeted customers profiles. Please note that we came up with a more detailed version of our market sizing. Click here to see the presentation

Lessons Learned #4

This week in class we learned a little about the Maslow’s Pyramid and thought it would be interesting to see where Brandsta is located in the hierarchy of needs!

Articles #4

This week, as a mandatory reading, we had an article from the Harvard Business Review about the idea of value innovation (Value innovation: The strategic logic of high growth). This concept has been highlighted by W. Chan Kim and R. Mauborgne. One member of our team, Laura, has been particularly interested in this article as it…