How to start a Startup – Lecture 2

This week we kept exploring the YC lectures about starting a Startup. This second lecture is about team members and cofounders. For more information just check the link!   How to start a Startup Lecture 2: Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution part II -> To see the video press here Cofounder relationships are among the most important in…

Sizing the market

Here is the link to the presentation we will do Monday, February 29th. Please note that we have updated our hypotheses. Click here to see the presentation  

Articles #3

This week we had no mandatory article to take some main ideas from so, we decided to show you the Empathy Map, a subject mentioned in the book Business Model Generation.

Our elevator pitch

Our agency helps brands to solve the problem of finding key speakers by providing a quality service that is better than usual agencies because it’s cheaper and more personalized/specialized to each customer’s need.

Lessons learned #3

This week we have moved forward to a new step in our project: segmenting & sizing the market. Here is a review of the key tools we should keep in mind to that purpose. This document is based on our last lesson and the video “Total Available Market – How to build a startup“. Click here

How to start a Startup – Lecture 1

This week we found an interesting video related with startups that we wanted to share and comment a little bit. Bellow you have the link if you’re interested in knowing more.

Presentation of Hypothesis

Here is the presentation we are going to show on Monday, 22nd of February, concerning the environment around our project and the process of validation of hypothesis. Click here to see the presentation

Lessons Learned #2

This week we had to work with the entire environment around our project’s market. We believe the main lesson of the week we took from our lecture, that was really useful to adapt to our project, comes from the video “Navigating your environment”, posted by the professor. Click here

Articles #2

This week we’ve decided to comment on the article “Why the lean start-up changes everything” by Steve Blank. Click here  

Business Model Canvas 1.1

After our first presentation of the business model, some adjustments were made after the comments provided by the professors in class. Here is our 1.1 version of the business model. Click here to see the updated version

Who are we?

Here is a little presentation of each element of the group. With this you can know us better and understand some of our choices and preferences along the semester. MEET CAETANA MOCTEZUMA (Click here): MEET LAURA SAVAGE (Click here): MEET MIGUEL LOURES (Click here):